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April 1 2017

This web site discusses topics dealing with sexual health, dysfunction, and enhancement with natural aphrodisiac herbs. There are a number of sexually enhancing potent aphrodisiac herbs that most doctors are not familiar with that effectively enhance desire, stamina, and pleasure. Many women and men prefer natural sexual enhancers to pharmaceutical medicines.
We all want to have optimal health and pleasure, but certain medical conditions reduce sexual desire, performance, or enjoyment. These include medical disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, neurological disorders, and chronic insomnia. Many pharmaceutical drugs reduce sexual health and performance. Examples include SSRI drugs used for depression, and certain blood pressure medicines. All this can be improved through diet, weight loss, exercise, better sleep, and the use of natural aphrodisiac supplements.

Sexual desire enhancing herbs and supplements – use safely and effectively
For those who wish to have a quick erectile response in an hour or two, the pharmaceutical drugs are a good option. However, Viagra and its cousins do little to enhance libido, sensation, or overall sexual pleasure, and they really are not meant for women. These drugs may, in rare cases, have serious side effects such as blindness.
Herbs don’t work as quickly as the drugs (Passion Rx with Yohimbe bark works within 2 to 3 days), but once the effects begin, normally within a day to four days, the overall sexual enhancement with herbs is more comprehensive.¬†Yohimbe can work very quickly at a high dose, in less than an hour, but the side effects are quite unpleasant, hence the amount of yohimbe is a rather small amount in order to minimize some of the side effects such as rapid heart beat, anxiety, and sweating.

If you are not in a rush, the sexual herbs and their combinations are preferable, providing increased arousal, sexual drive, pleasurable sensation of genital organs, better blood flow, and more stamina. Sexual herbs are not totally free of side effects. The side effects are dose dependent. That is, the higher the dose, the more likely you will notice overstimulation, increased body temperature, rapid heart beat, alertness, irritability, and insomnia. If you have sexual dysfunction, have a medical evaluation to make sure you don’t also have heart disease. Most sexual enhancement herbs should not be used by those with heart disease and care should be taken if you are currently taking antidepressants, stimulants, or other medicines. If you have a medical condition, always discuss with your doctor before using potent herbs or supplements.

We prefer using lower dosages of sexual herbs over several days with a day or two off in between rather than to take a high dose at one time. It is nearly impossible to develop a sexual pill that provides a satisfactory sexual enhancement to every user. Viagra and its cousins improve erectile function at best in about 60 to 70 percent of users, and the feedback from users of sexual herbs is that, with patience, these herbs have a higher rate of providing sexual enhancement, maybe close to 70 to 75 percent. It is impossible to predict which herbal product or individual sexual herb (tongkat ali powder also known as eurycoma longjack and lj100 extract, tribulus, horny goat weed, maca, ashwagandha, catuaba, mucuna pruriens, or combination, etc) will work in any particular person. Sometimes it may take trial and error over several days or weeks until the right herb or combination is found. Taking breaks from the use of these herbs actually helps them work better than taking them every day. Sometimes you may not notice an effect the first day or two, but then surprisingly a few days later you may notice a significant sexual arousal, even if you have been off the herbs for a day or two. Many of these herbs have a delayed effect.

Diet and food, what’s the best food for male sexual enhancement and for a woman?
Eating more cold water fish, perhaps taking fish oil capsules, trying to minimize stress, getting a good night’s sleep, doing mild to moderate physical activity, eating a healthy diet with lots of fresh produce, being exposed to erotic or sensual stimuli, all help improve sexual desire and enjoyment. So do the spices garlic and ginger.

Maintaining an erection
Many men have difficulty in maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse. This condition is called erectile dysfunction or impotence. Women may have sexual dysfunction that interferes with optimal sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Natural solutions are available to enhance sexual intercourse in men and women.

Female sexual dysfunction
There are many factors that can cause problems. Women with female sexual dysfunction can be classified under several categories. These would include a lack of sexual desire, difficulty with orgasm, difficulty in getting aroused, and pain during sexual intercourse. Except for painful intercourse, all other aspects of female sexual dysfunction, such as sexual arousal, desire, and orgasm, can be enhanced with the use of natural herbs. Most women will notice a benefit from herbal sexual enhancers or a product that has a combination of sex herbs. Passion Rx can help many women enhance sexual stamina and pleasure. Additional sexual herbs that can be of benefit in female sexual dysfunction include muira puama, maca extract, damiana, horny goat weed for sex, tribulus extract, and tongkat ali.

Sexual dysfunction in men and women can be caused by many factors including psychological causes and organic or physical causes. Prescription medications are a common cause of male and female sexual dysfunctions. One such group of medicines is the SSRI drugs. Examples include Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil.

Effective plant extracts
Is male and female sexual enhancement possible with natural herbs and nutrients as opposed to a drug? Yes! There are quite a number of natural herbal pills that may just do the trick… and many of them are currently sold without a prescription. It is truly amazing that so many of these herbs that have been known for centuries in their local region and countries have yet to be studied or accepted by Western medical doctors. While the media focuses on Viagra and its cousins, dozens of potent herbs for sexual health from China, India, Africa and South America are ignored. Some of these herbs are found in Passion Rx.

Sexual arousal can be achieved within 2 to 3 days using many of the aphrodisiac herbs such as muira puama, catuaba, horny goat weed, tongkat ali, and mucuna pruriens. Some herbs, such as yohimbe, can put a person in the mood within a few hours. However yohimbe should be used in low dosages since it has side effects.

Sexual appetite or desire, how to increase it
These can be increased or decreased with the use of natural supplements. 5-HTP, a supplement that converts into serotonin, decreases it. You can increase sexual appetite with the use of muira puama herb, LJ100 herb, deer antler velvet, mucuna pruriens, or with the use of combination of herbs found in Passion Rx. You can increase enjoyment with the use several herbs including ashwagandha, mucuna pruriens, tribulus terrestris, or horny goat weed.

Female sexual enhancement
Is this possible with natural herbs and nutrients as opposed to a drug? There are quite a number of natural herbal pills that may a woman more aroused and many of them are currently sold without a prescription. It is truly amazing that so many of these natural herbs that have been known for centuries in their local region and countries, have yet to be studied or accepted by Western medical doctors.

My doctor told me that I need testosterone ever since I’ve had my ovaries removed. Do you think herbs can restore libido without resorting to hormones? I really don’t want to take testosterone.
A. Most doctors don’t realize that there certain natural herbs have sexual enhancement abilities as much as hormones. The best sexual enhancement product depends on the user. There are literally hundreds or thousands of female and male sexual enhancement pills that are marketed, and if you try a few it is quite likely you will find one that works for you. For short term use, DHEA can substitute for testosterone. DHEA is available over the counter but caution is advised. Use dosages less that 10 mg and for a brief period of time to avoid side effects. DHEA does provide sexual enhancement, mostly increasing libido.

Are the hormones and chemicals involved in women’s sexual enhancement much different than in men?
There are more similarities than there are differences. Testosterone is a sexual enhancement hormone in men and women, and dopamine increases libido in a woman and a man.

Male Sexual Enhancement with herbal products
Exercise and weight loss may improve to male sexual dysfunction in obese men. In a study of more than 100 obese men with erectile dysfunction, nearly a third regained normal sexual function after participating in an intensive weight loss program. Indirectly exercise can help you sleep deeper which does wonders for male sexual enhancement. Exercise also makes you feel better about your body, and this could also have an influence on your libido.

Male sexual health improvement
Drugs that interfere with sexual male sexual health include certain anti-hypertensives, SSRI antidepressant drugs, sedatives, sleeping pills, and beta-blockers. Alcohol’s negative affect on libido increases with age. Smoking can reduce genital blood flow and over time lead to impotence.

Women’s sexual health improvement
Androgens, such as testosterone, are a major component of desire and female sexual health. Testosterone levels decline about 1 percent each year in men, which may contribute to lower male libido with aging. Testosterone levels also decline with age in women leading to a decrease in a woman’s sexual health. Women who have had surgical removal of the ovaries notice a drop in sexual desire. Sexual enhancement through replacement of androgens can be helpful in those with age related female sexual dysfunction. Testosterone is available by prescription only. An over the counter hormones, such as DHEA, converts into testosterone and thus has a positive influence on sexual desire. Pregnenolone is another over the counter hormone that may increase testosterone levels and thus lead to increased sexual desire. However, hormones may not be safe to use for long term sexual enhancement, therefore aphrodisiac sexual enhancing herbs are a great alternative.

The advantage of natural sexual enhancers
There are several prescription impotence or ED pills including Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These drugs work very well in dilating blood vessels leading to a strong erection, however they do little else for sexual pleasure or sexual excitement, such as sexual arousal, sensation, and sexual stamina. Herbal sexual enhancers are safer and as, or more, effective. They provide a sense of sexual excitement similar to that in one’s teens or twenties. The disadvantage of the natural sexual enhancers is that they take longer to work.

Sexual stimulant herb
Which herbal preparation is the strongest sexual stimulant?
It depends on the dosage. Mucuna pruriens, tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, and LJ100 are potent herbal sexual stimulants. Passion Rx has a combination of herbs and is very effective and potent.

Sexual Enhancement drug
There are several sexual enhancement drugs including Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These drugs work very well in dilating blood vessels leading to a strong erection, however they do little else for sexual enhancement, such as libido, sensation, and sexual stamina. Plus, they have side effects. It has been reported that Viagra in rare cases can cause permanent blindness and hearing loss. Sexual enhancement supplements are, as a rule, much safer. Which is the best sexual enhancement drug? This is difficult to say since each person has their own preference. We know some people who like Viagra, others like Cialis or Levitra.

Herbal sexual enhancement products
Many herbal sexual enhancement supplements have ingredients that cause alertness so most of them are better taken in the morning as soon as you get up.

Sexual enhancing products available without a prescription
There are hundreds of natural sexual enhancing products available over the counter. Studies have not been done to see how they compare to each other. Some may work, others may not be effective.

Herbs that have aphrodisiac benefits
Suo Yang is sometimes found in sexual enhancement herbal products.
Syzygium aromaticum is the name for a small evergreen tree also known as clove.

Over the counter products that have aphrodisiac benefits
Revivexxx sexual improvement formula to revive your sex life
Sextrific for men is a sexual enhancement product sold over the counter
SexTrific for Women is a sexual enhancement product sold over the counter
SutraMax, from the makers of Nasutra is a sexual performance enhancement supplement for men
VirMax DS for men s promoted for erectile dysfunction treatment
VirMax for Women DS contains Zizyphi Fructus and other natural ingredients

November 2009
A once-daily pill increased female sex drive, moving the drug’s maker, Germany’s Boehringer Ingelheim, closer to launching the first non-hormonal treatment for women with low libido. The compound known as flibanserin promoted sexual desire and increased the number of “satisfying sexual events” in women suffering from abnormally low libido. The results of four Phase III studies involving more than 2,000 pre-menopausal woman suffering from so-called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) were presented at the congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine in Lyon, France. Phase III studies are the last stage in human testing. Unlike Procter & Gamble’s hormone patch Intrinsa, targeted at woman after the menopause, flibanserin directly manipulates the chain of chemical reactions in the brain believed to trigger sexual desire. “By modulating the neurotransmitter system, flibanserin may help to restore a balance between inhibitory and excitatory factors leading to a healthy sexual response,” said Elaine Jolly, a Canadian gynecologist and medical researcher who helped oversee the trials. HSDD is defined as a lack of sex drive irrespective of partner or situation in otherwise healthy women. Male impotence pills such as Pfizer’s Viagra, Eli Lilly’s Cialis and Bayer’s Levitra, which widen blood vessels to increase the blood flow needed for an erection, have failed to show notable aphrodisiac effects in women. The drug’s side effects were described as mild to moderate and included dizziness, nausea, sleepiness and insomnia. This prompted about one in seven participants on flibanserin to drop out of the therapy, while the drop-out rate was roughly one in 14 in the placebo group. Procter & Gamble’s Intrinsa testosterone patches are licensed for use in Europe but not in the U.S. Specialty drug company BioSante is developing a testosterone skin gel to treat a decline in libido in menopausal women.